The new school year 2013-14 begins!

Dear English students, and visitors in general:

The autumn is coming, the leaves are falling, the nights come earlier, the cold substitutes the sun...God bless October!
Like everything in life, seasons are cycles that have a beginning and an end, that come and go...and that remind us that nothing lasts forever. Let's enjoy, then, the present moment, as Ekhart Tolle suggests in his wise book  The Power of Now, and let us forget about tomorrow...This doesn't mean that we have to live as if there was no future...it means that we have to live our lifes the way we want, chasing our dreams, making projects, looking towards our future, yes, ...but above all, enjoying the way we are walking directing ourselves towards our goals. It may seem utopic, but it is not: it is not the goal in itself that matters, it is the way towards that goal.
So now, this new school year, let's set up some goals to reach: give up smoking, pass all my exams, find a better job, get married, get divorced, learn Chinese, learn how to make bread, have children, find inner peace, lose weight
...whatever it is, let us fight for them with determined faith in ourselves and let's enjoy the way!
 And, changing topic: check this original bed out!:


  1. Nice idea !!!! I like it so much !!! :)

  2. MARÍA MUÑOZ MORENOOctober 17, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    > Like everything in life... ( I copy you; I love this sentence and I will use everything that I can) the changes , the goals ,the aims and the new intentions, it is difficult to carry out them if you
    haven´t got a motivation

    A few years ago, I had a
    > comfortable live. I can still remember that every year when I was
    > returning from my vacations out of the
    > country in those that I could not communicate with
    anybody because I
    > didn´t to
    > speak English and I was putting on weight for that I was eating too much
    > . I said to myself : I have to learn English and lose weight, but it
    > couldn`t find enough motivation and remained in the same way
    > Two years ago, approximately,
    > I got divorced and ruined and broke at the same time , though these
    wasn´t my
    > purpose . In
    > the end, I had to recycle my life
    > completely, as you propose.
    > Another cycle started ; I
    > started to have a goal : I improved my life; is it a dream
    or an utopia? I
    > don´t
    > know, I only know that before inertia led my life, I had not
    > motivation to
    > fulfill my intentions.
    > Now I have a new motivation
    > and meantime I´m enjoying the way to the goal. I´m
    > enjoying learn English and study in the UNED. And I
    > think that the English would help
    > find a better job and improve my life. Also now I´m doing
    > to keep in balance my mind, at last I have slimmed. The way forward to my
    > goal is the life that I always have wished : I am learning , I am growing,
    > I have inner peace. At last I have found what I am looking for .
    > And sometimes, Good sendS me
    > his angels. The last Sunday ...., he sent me one .
    > God bless A .I .M

  3. Beatiful comment María, thanks ;-)