Marriage and Love Affairs: Diversity of LOVE

How do we see LOVE nowadays?
Is LOVE the engine of our lives?
How do different cultures express (and feel) LOVE?
Is MARRIAGE, as Frank Sinatra sang, the main -and basically the only- social institution for the construction of LOVE? http://www.lyricsfreak.com/f/frank+sinatra/love+marriage_20056073.html
LOVE...the most discussed word and concept of all our times, as old as man, is not connected to MARRIAGE any more...or at least, not necessarily.
Even scholars do research on LOVE, which comes to be, eventually, something cultural...or not?:
We encourage readers to participate in this proposal: Post here your own main LOVE experience (or one from someone that has really shocked you or called your attention)
Let's not judge anyone nor anything, let's just share experiences, stories, and learn from each other!
(Opinions on this post welcome too)