Alternative energies...alternative ways of living: sustainability

The great Osho said that a fish would not realize that its natural environment is water until it was taken away from it. Then, once the fish came back to the sea, or to a river, it would say "Ah! yeah! I cannot live without water. Water is my true element to survive".

Osho said we are like fish: we do not realize what our natural elements are until we are deprived from them. This is what happens to us: we do not realize that we need Nature, our Home, until we start destroying it. We do not realize that we need to eat natural food, without artificial preservatives, until we start to get sick. We do not realize that our true nature is Nature...until we have so little of it.

Fortunately, some wake up earlier than others, and they are already fighting to build a sustainable global community. We have many movements that support sustainable and healthy ways of living that are not eaten up by the economic powers yet (and I hope they will go on being independent from them, as much as they can be): Ecovillages, Rainbow Gatherings, Slow Communities and movements such as WWOOFing are some of them.
This summer I was in the European Rainbow Gathering in Greece, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Coming back to simplicity, to contact with nature, eating healthy and veggie, meeting wonderful people of all kinds, colors, and origins, breathing pure freedom away from electricity and modern civilization...I really recommend it!
Do you know more of these movements? Do you have direct experiences with any of them? Please share them with us!
I hope one day we can all say:

Welcome (back)  Home, brothers and sisters