This is, sadly, a word that we should learn in English this course...even if it is not included in the general program of the subject, but reality is what it is...

Check this news from the New York Times ...

The text of this piece of news appears below an incredibly artistic and cruel picture about Spain's reality  at the moment, a picture that shows the kind of emotions that start to take over...mixed emotions of sadness, desperations, depression, anger, indignation, courage...and, no matter what the media show, fraternal love, peace/conflict, and solidarity: 

This year is the year of truth, everything. Let's see what happens...
and in the meantime, I leave here another movie, this time a movie to watch and reflect about our lives, ourselves, the world...(sorry, this time I didn't find the full movie in English, but you can find it in Spanish as El Cambio): time to grow our own insight!


Romantic love...

Dear followers,
since the main topic of lesson 1 was love, here I leave you a link to the movie Sweet Home Alabama...
A light and nice comedy to watch on Sundays, with a blanket, a bowl of popcorn, and some ibuprofen to get over the hangover ;)


What is going on out there?

No matter whether one remains skeptical about all the New Age, Conspiracy and Prophetical theories that have invaded the internet in the last few years, the truth is that something is going on out there. That is, something is changing, at a physical level, in a way that can be interpreted as a change in Humanity from the inside too, as good or bad...the thing is that what this page says "It’s already been proven that the sun’s mass warps time, bends light waves and accounts for mutation of species on Earth." coincides with Spiritual Prophecies, in the sense that they both state that we will start to experience time and space differently.
Apparently, the sun is bombarding the Earth with solar flares (I quote from this other source: "intense burst of radiations coming from release of magnetic energy associated with sunspots").
From the scientific point of view, these changes are frightening and scary. Particularly, I am optimistic: If these changes are going to destroy us, ok, that was it! If they are, as Spiritual Prophecies suggest, going to help us ascend to a new level of consciousness, where the physical world as we know it -with its duality, egotistic interpretations of reality, and eternal dissatisfaction- will be useless, that's ok too!
Just in case, maybe the only thing we can do (or at least an important one) is find our inner peace (or try at least!): yoga, tai chi, meditation, dancing, laughing, and a lot of good sleeping!


Inspiring Women...: La Source des Femmes/The Source (2011)

If I had to recommend a movie that went over inspiring women, this is THE ONE. They are not heroines coming from a high-class environment, they don't have a large educational background,  their manners are not refined...but they have LIFE and the strength and guts to fight for their own dignity, for the truth, for their value, for their rights...This movie will make you laugh, cry, feel angry, feel sympathy, and finally, fell proud of being a woman (if you are). Otherwise, you can also feel proud of not being one of those male chauvinists who suppress women, and in turn, their female side (which we all have)...
This movie, entitled The Source (its original title is La Source Des Femmes) has just been released, and it takes place in a little village in Morocco, where there is no running water and traditionally women are the ones in charge of going to the fountain to fetch it. The problem is that the well is in the mountains and the way is stip and dangerous...so they have to undergo terrible consequences, such as aborting. At one point, they rebel against this rule...and I will not tell you anymore!
I recommend watching it in OV (Arabic), with subtitles in English. Even the way the speak is meaningful...and so beautiful!
Enjoy! and feel free to leave your comments here.