Christmas times...and (no) money, time, hope???

Christmas time…and no money, no time, no hope?
Spain is different…that’s for sure. I have a double feeling about my own country: sometimes I feel proud of it. Well, of its people. I feel proud to see how successful the last November campaign for collecting food of the Banco de Alimentos was. I feel proud of the indignados movement, of the La revolución de los Payasos movement, of the assemblies by neighbourhood, of the solidarity small markets, of the strike movements, of the "scratches", of people such as Aída Colau or Garzón. I feel proud of being born in a passionate society, which knows how to enjoy life, to live as if there was no tomorrow, to share with those who need it the most, to support each other, to make you feel at home wherever you are: when you take a taxi, when you go to the supermarket or to the local shop, or when you are waiting for the bus.
However…the other side of the coin is also part of the coin. And this side is the one that makes me feel shame. Shame for its high degree of corruption, for the sheepery and unconscious behavior of many of us, those who are contented just by looking at the other side, because as long as they are ok, they are not the ones to blame. They tell themselves “I just try to enjoy life, I don’t hurt anyone, I am not part of the rotten system, so f*** them all, sorry, if some citizens sleep on the street they must have done something to be there”…and so on. These are the ones who still believe that nothing can be done against what the government does with our money and savings (yes, the bank is the government, and the government is the bank –Bankia, to be more specific-, so I use these two words indistinctively), who think that poverty is an ugly word that has to be avoided, and that anybody who would be in a position of power would do exactly the same as what our government does, because that’s how we all Spaniards are, lazy, hedonistic and very, very foxy. They think “Everyone tries to profit the system, everyone. Therefore, let them do, it is normal. If I was in their place, I would do the same. In my position the only thing I can do is try to save my own ass. The rest should do the same. And the immigrants, who also come here to profit the system, have nothing to do here anymore. Sorry.”

These are those who think that all the social movements of protest and cooperation, all the attempts to change the system, to build a new society, are utopias made or by idealists or by homeless, drug addicts, lazy bastards, who just live in the worlds of Yuppie (as we would say in Spanish).
The two Spains, that are present already from the times of Franco, are still there. Divide and you will win, said Julius Caesar. And that is what politicians do. They play the game of division, because they know that in order to win they do not need to get all the populations’ votes, just the majority. And if this majority has money, power and is very unconscious and ignorant, much better. If you keep your voters (only your voters) happy, you win. If you manage to make your voters ignore what happens to the other side, you win. The other side is just garbage, a nuisance that can be cleaned up by means of high fines and heavy and excessive punishments.
Well, those who vote such kind of governments are just asleep. I they don’t wake up, we will ALL loose. I hope that at least a small majority of the population wakes up soon. Imagine what we could be! Spain, with all the positive things, and AWAKE! We would be unbeatable! What is more, we would not need to beat anyone, we would not have to fight against any enemy. All our energy would be creative, constructive…ah! I wish I can say, one day, that my heart, like Spain, is not divided any more, that my shame is gone, that I am just proud of being Spanish, because you can leave, but you cannot become. 

And to finish, I leave you here this very funny letter to Ana Botella (Miss Ana Bottle) which a friend of mine posted in Facebook. Who can identify the funny parts not being Spanish?  

Dear Ana Bottle;
I just hallucinate little cucumbers with your discourse. I just can say "shit yourself little parrot" and "the mother who gave birth to you!"
I know is not turkey mucus to talk in english, but sincerely, you have more face than back, you should go to fry asparagus or to throw a white hair into the air. You are a morning singer, a ball-toucher and also your wing sings.
Yes, you look like Peter by his house when you speak english and that put me of bad milk.
So I don´t tell you anything and I tell you everything; don´t eat my pot and please go shitting milks out of this country, to the fifth pine, to sleep the monkey female or to another thing butterfly, because send eggs!! we were too few and the grandmother gave birth! you are always giving the note, did anybody teach you that in shut mouth flies do not enter?
You are the milk!!! and the cock in vinegar!!!
Now I´m leaving otherwise I will mount a chicken, but specially because it´s falling the octopus one.

Let a lightening split you.




Alternative energies...alternative ways of living: sustainability

The great Osho said that a fish would not realize that its natural environment is water until it was taken away from it. Then, once the fish came back to the sea, or to a river, it would say "Ah! yeah! I cannot live without water. Water is my true element to survive".

Osho said we are like fish: we do not realize what our natural elements are until we are deprived from them. This is what happens to us: we do not realize that we need Nature, our Home, until we start destroying it. We do not realize that we need to eat natural food, without artificial preservatives, until we start to get sick. We do not realize that our true nature is Nature...until we have so little of it.

Fortunately, some wake up earlier than others, and they are already fighting to build a sustainable global community. We have many movements that support sustainable and healthy ways of living that are not eaten up by the economic powers yet (and I hope they will go on being independent from them, as much as they can be): Ecovillages, Rainbow Gatherings, Slow Communities and movements such as WWOOFing are some of them.
This summer I was in the European Rainbow Gathering in Greece, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Coming back to simplicity, to contact with nature, eating healthy and veggie, meeting wonderful people of all kinds, colors, and origins, breathing pure freedom away from electricity and modern civilization...I really recommend it!
Do you know more of these movements? Do you have direct experiences with any of them? Please share them with us!
I hope one day we can all say:

Welcome (back)  Home, brothers and sisters


The new school year 2013-14 begins!

Dear English students, and visitors in general:

The autumn is coming, the leaves are falling, the nights come earlier, the cold substitutes the sun...God bless October!
Like everything in life, seasons are cycles that have a beginning and an end, that come and go...and that remind us that nothing lasts forever. Let's enjoy, then, the present moment, as Ekhart Tolle suggests in his wise book  The Power of Now, and let us forget about tomorrow...This doesn't mean that we have to live as if there was no future...it means that we have to live our lifes the way we want, chasing our dreams, making projects, looking towards our future, yes, ...but above all, enjoying the way we are walking directing ourselves towards our goals. It may seem utopic, but it is not: it is not the goal in itself that matters, it is the way towards that goal.
So now, this new school year, let's set up some goals to reach: give up smoking, pass all my exams, find a better job, get married, get divorced, learn Chinese, learn how to make bread, have children, find inner peace, lose weight
...whatever it is, let us fight for them with determined faith in ourselves and let's enjoy the way!
 And, changing topic: check this original bed out!: