Inspiring Women...: La Source des Femmes/The Source (2011)

If I had to recommend a movie that went over inspiring women, this is THE ONE. They are not heroines coming from a high-class environment, they don't have a large educational background,  their manners are not refined...but they have LIFE and the strength and guts to fight for their own dignity, for the truth, for their value, for their rights...This movie will make you laugh, cry, feel angry, feel sympathy, and finally, fell proud of being a woman (if you are). Otherwise, you can also feel proud of not being one of those male chauvinists who suppress women, and in turn, their female side (which we all have)...
This movie, entitled The Source (its original title is La Source Des Femmes) has just been released, and it takes place in a little village in Morocco, where there is no running water and traditionally women are the ones in charge of going to the fountain to fetch it. The problem is that the well is in the mountains and the way is stip and dangerous...so they have to undergo terrible consequences, such as aborting. At one point, they rebel against this rule...and I will not tell you anymore!
I recommend watching it in OV (Arabic), with subtitles in English. Even the way the speak is meaningful...and so beautiful!
Enjoy! and feel free to leave your comments here.