This is, sadly, a word that we should learn in English this course...even if it is not included in the general program of the subject, but reality is what it is...

Check this news from the New York Times ...

The text of this piece of news appears below an incredibly artistic and cruel picture about Spain's reality  at the moment, a picture that shows the kind of emotions that start to take over...mixed emotions of sadness, desperations, depression, anger, indignation, courage...and, no matter what the media show, fraternal love, peace/conflict, and solidarity: 

This year is the year of truth, everything. Let's see what happens...
and in the meantime, I leave here another movie, this time a movie to watch and reflect about our lives, ourselves, the world...(sorry, this time I didn't find the full movie in English, but you can find it in Spanish as El Cambio): time to grow our own insight!

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  1. The situation our country is living now is really sad. People are against everything they thought it ran in the correct way. Unemployment, homeless and even hunger are problems that we aren't used to have in Spain in the serious way that we are having them now.

    Wise people say that crisis bring along changes and evolution. I supposed, as the film The Shift seems to say, that only when we feel really bad, only when we suffer, we understand that we have to make decisions and discover solutions to find happyness again or however you call living with your soul in peace.

    Ana Eva