With regard to Unit 3...totally different perspective

An alternative to Psychology, or a Complement?
Here you have an excerpt from one of Osho's approaches to Meditation and to Life in general. Osho was a controversial man: he gathered followers all over the world, to the point that a resort for meditation was founded in his memory (http://www.oshointernational.com/), close to Pune, in India.
There are many books published on his name, although he didn't write any of them: they were compiled out of his talks and conferences all over the world. Osho has the ability to mix and combine the western and the eastern traditions, in order to give answers to the spiritual and mental issues of the modern man.
For some people, he is a master and a spiritual guide to admire and follow, for others, he is just a charlatan...you just have to compare the entries in Wikipedia dedicated to him in Spanish and in English...