To diet, or not to diet, that is the question

Who has not gone on a diet at least once in his/her life? Honestly ;-)
Even if you are a thin, or even a skinny person (as I used to be not so long ago), I have tried several diets:

Gluten-free diet
Lactose-free diet
Cholesterol-free diet (this old classic is the only one I could handle for more than a week)
Low-carb diet
Paleo diet
Atkins diet
Ayurvedic diet
Vegan diet

But these are not the only ones available nowadays! Now, thanks to internet and this information era we live in, we have access to all kinds of data about the eating habits of any single person on Earth. This, I believe, is one of the reasons why we, Spaniards, have started to look up to other cultures' diets, and to (little by little, this is just the minority by now) stop seeing the Mediterranean diet as THE diet. Our Mediterranean diet is great, I love it, yes, but still, what about:
Gluten intolerants?
Glucose intolerants?
Lactose intolerants?
Egg intolerants?

Still, I have not yet found THE diet. I have read on the wonders of the eating habits of a small Japanese island, on the wonders of macrobiotic diets, on Ayurvedic eating...I am always curious to try new diets, but...maybe I lack will power, I give up after a few days. I confess: I cannot (or maybe I do not want to) live without cheese or milk (as in lactose-free diets, or bread (as in gluten-free diets), or potatoes (as in sugar-free diets), even if maybe this would be wonderful for my health. If I developed an intolerance I wouldn't have any other option, but by know...I just enjoy ice-cream or yoghurt with biscuits, or toasts of whole grains bread with some strong cheese :-). I do not like meat so much though, so we could say I follow a pseudo-vegetarian diet :-), with as much bio and eco products as possible.

And you? What type of diet do you follow? 

Here I leave you with one of those thousands of videos that give you THE KEY to dieting. It is funny to see how all of them seem to have found the only way.

What do you think of this video? Could you make a video like this? We would love to see it! Leave your comments :-).


Some cultural differences, an example: "Belgium for Dummies"

Have you ever heard of the series of books and videos ... for dummies?

To start with, I strongly recommend the video below, Belgium for Dummies, as an example of how to ironically present a country and how to make it look so idiotic. That being said, I must remark that I have been myself living in Belgium for some years, and that it is not boring at all. It just looks boring.
For me, all those years have been a continuous encounter with cultural differences (more than in any other country that is farther away from Spain), and at the same time, I have had a strange feeling of recognition, of feeling at home, as if I had been living there all my life.
I guess this is this is the drama of emigrants/expats, which is very well expressed by a Japanese artist living in Amsterdam (don't remember his name), from whom I once read an interview where he declared the following: "In Holland I feel home, but I don't feel Dutch, and when I am in Japan I feel Japanese, but I don't feel home anymore".
Still, even of you feel like you don't fully belong anywhere, being abroad helps people open their mind, and encounter new and different cultures. This is very enriching. Travelling is also one of my passions, and it serves the same function. So, if you have time, and some money (not so much is needed nowadays, with all these social networking for traveling available), I really recommend you go and get lost in some far away country for a while. Enjoy the video!


When LOVE wins over FEAR

Now that the topic of racial discrimination is at stake again, due to the latest misfortunate happenings in the USA, this small video can make us become aware of how idiotic it is to judge others by their skin color...on both sides. Also, this video is an example of how loving and caring attitudes, compassion towards others, and understanding, can heal our hearts from all kinds of prejudice, fear and rage.
Enjoy it!


Is our planet in danger because of our polluting attitude?

Well, let's just ask a genius comedian about it: George Carlin:

Arrogance of mankind

I leave this video for you to watch, it has subtitles (not professional, but they can help).
If you want, you can translate the subtitles into English and compare them to what George Carlin says. You will realise that it is not exactly the same sometimes, but that's something common in subtitling. Anyways, they are helpful subtitles.

Hope you enjoy the video!
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Are love affairs a matter of cultural differences?

I believe yes, they are. In some countries women or men are more "possessive", "traditional", and "exclusive" (e.g. Mediterranean countries), and in other countries affairs outside marriage are not so important (e.g. North European countries)
Which country is yours? And, what is your position in this? I personally do not have a specific position in this topic, it all depends on the circumstances. For me, it is a matter of the person you are with, how you both understand a relationship.
I have been jealous sometimes, open-minded others...I don't know why, but in my case it all depends on so many factors that I cannot provide a specific point of view. For me, betrayal consists of lying, of breaking someone's trust and confidence. If an affair does not involve lying, it is not so important for me.
I could consider certain attitudes as much more offending than an affair if they involve lying and being disrespectful towards the relationship. For example: if my boyfriend seduces every woman he meets on my back (or even in front of my eyes) I will feel much more offended than if he comes one day and tells me that he just had a one-night stand with someone else. Feeling attraction towards someone else is inevitable and I can forgive easily if a mistake is just a matter of uncontrolled impulses. However, lying is done premeditatedly, and there is no excuse for this. It just stems from cowardice. We all have fear, what makes a woman or a man courageous is how she or he can handle that fear.

Here I give you the link to the blog entry of a divorce expert: she does not tell anything new, but it is good to remember some of the essential points in a healthy relationship:

Why is a love affair so intoxicating?


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Christmas times...and (no) money, time, hope???

Christmas time…and no money, no time, no hope?
Spain is different…that’s for sure. I have a double feeling about my own country: sometimes I feel proud of it. Well, of its people. I feel proud to see how successful the last November campaign for collecting food of the Banco de Alimentos was. I feel proud of the indignados movement, of the La revolución de los Payasos movement, of the assemblies by neighbourhood, of the solidarity small markets, of the strike movements, of the "scratches", of people such as Aída Colau or Garzón. I feel proud of being born in a passionate society, which knows how to enjoy life, to live as if there was no tomorrow, to share with those who need it the most, to support each other, to make you feel at home wherever you are: when you take a taxi, when you go to the supermarket or to the local shop, or when you are waiting for the bus.
However…the other side of the coin is also part of the coin. And this side is the one that makes me feel shame. Shame for its high degree of corruption, for the sheepery and unconscious behavior of many of us, those who are contented just by looking at the other side, because as long as they are ok, they are not the ones to blame. They tell themselves “I just try to enjoy life, I don’t hurt anyone, I am not part of the rotten system, so f*** them all, sorry, if some citizens sleep on the street they must have done something to be there”…and so on. These are the ones who still believe that nothing can be done against what the government does with our money and savings (yes, the bank is the government, and the government is the bank –Bankia, to be more specific-, so I use these two words indistinctively), who think that poverty is an ugly word that has to be avoided, and that anybody who would be in a position of power would do exactly the same as what our government does, because that’s how we all Spaniards are, lazy, hedonistic and very, very foxy. They think “Everyone tries to profit the system, everyone. Therefore, let them do, it is normal. If I was in their place, I would do the same. In my position the only thing I can do is try to save my own ass. The rest should do the same. And the immigrants, who also come here to profit the system, have nothing to do here anymore. Sorry.”

These are those who think that all the social movements of protest and cooperation, all the attempts to change the system, to build a new society, are utopias made or by idealists or by homeless, drug addicts, lazy bastards, who just live in the worlds of Yuppie (as we would say in Spanish).
The two Spains, that are present already from the times of Franco, are still there. Divide and you will win, said Julius Caesar. And that is what politicians do. They play the game of division, because they know that in order to win they do not need to get all the populations’ votes, just the majority. And if this majority has money, power and is very unconscious and ignorant, much better. If you keep your voters (only your voters) happy, you win. If you manage to make your voters ignore what happens to the other side, you win. The other side is just garbage, a nuisance that can be cleaned up by means of high fines and heavy and excessive punishments.
Well, those who vote such kind of governments are just asleep. I they don’t wake up, we will ALL loose. I hope that at least a small majority of the population wakes up soon. Imagine what we could be! Spain, with all the positive things, and AWAKE! We would be unbeatable! What is more, we would not need to beat anyone, we would not have to fight against any enemy. All our energy would be creative, constructive…ah! I wish I can say, one day, that my heart, like Spain, is not divided any more, that my shame is gone, that I am just proud of being Spanish, because you can leave, but you cannot become. 

And to finish, I leave you here this very funny letter to Ana Botella (Miss Ana Bottle) which a friend of mine posted in Facebook. Who can identify the funny parts not being Spanish?  

Dear Ana Bottle;
I just hallucinate little cucumbers with your discourse. I just can say "shit yourself little parrot" and "the mother who gave birth to you!"
I know is not turkey mucus to talk in english, but sincerely, you have more face than back, you should go to fry asparagus or to throw a white hair into the air. You are a morning singer, a ball-toucher and also your wing sings.
Yes, you look like Peter by his house when you speak english and that put me of bad milk.
So I don´t tell you anything and I tell you everything; don´t eat my pot and please go shitting milks out of this country, to the fifth pine, to sleep the monkey female or to another thing butterfly, because send eggs!! we were too few and the grandmother gave birth! you are always giving the note, did anybody teach you that in shut mouth flies do not enter?
You are the milk!!! and the cock in vinegar!!!
Now I´m leaving otherwise I will mount a chicken, but specially because it´s falling the octopus one.

Let a lightening split you.