To diet, or not to diet, that is the question

Who has not gone on a diet at least once in his/her life? Honestly ;-)
Even if you are a thin, or even a skinny person (as I used to be not so long ago), I have tried several diets:

Gluten-free diet
Lactose-free diet
Cholesterol-free diet (this old classic is the only one I could handle for more than a week)
Low-carb diet
Paleo diet
Atkins diet
Ayurvedic diet
Vegan diet

But these are not the only ones available nowadays! Now, thanks to internet and this information era we live in, we have access to all kinds of data about the eating habits of any single person on Earth. This, I believe, is one of the reasons why we, Spaniards, have started to look up to other cultures' diets, and to (little by little, this is just the minority by now) stop seeing the Mediterranean diet as THE diet. Our Mediterranean diet is great, I love it, yes, but still, what about:
Gluten intolerants?
Glucose intolerants?
Lactose intolerants?
Egg intolerants?

Still, I have not yet found THE diet. I have read on the wonders of the eating habits of a small Japanese island, on the wonders of macrobiotic diets, on Ayurvedic eating...I am always curious to try new diets, but...maybe I lack will power, I give up after a few days. I confess: I cannot (or maybe I do not want to) live without cheese or milk (as in lactose-free diets, or bread (as in gluten-free diets), or potatoes (as in sugar-free diets), even if maybe this would be wonderful for my health. If I developed an intolerance I wouldn't have any other option, but by know...I just enjoy ice-cream or yoghurt with biscuits, or toasts of whole grains bread with some strong cheese :-). I do not like meat so much though, so we could say I follow a pseudo-vegetarian diet :-), with as much bio and eco products as possible.

And you? What type of diet do you follow? 

Here I leave you with one of those thousands of videos that give you THE KEY to dieting. It is funny to see how all of them seem to have found the only way.

What do you think of this video? Could you make a video like this? We would love to see it! Leave your comments :-).

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