With regard to Unit 3...totally different perspective

An alternative to Psychology, or a Complement?
Here you have an excerpt from one of Osho's approaches to Meditation and to Life in general. Osho was a controversial man: he gathered followers all over the world, to the point that a resort for meditation was founded in his memory (http://www.oshointernational.com/), close to Pune, in India.
There are many books published on his name, although he didn't write any of them: they were compiled out of his talks and conferences all over the world. Osho has the ability to mix and combine the western and the eastern traditions, in order to give answers to the spiritual and mental issues of the modern man.
For some people, he is a master and a spiritual guide to admire and follow, for others, he is just a charlatan...you just have to compare the entries in Wikipedia dedicated to him in Spanish and in English...


  1. We live immersed in cultures derived from that kind of celebrities, who at one time became very famous, captivated grand part of society and have left an indelible impress on our history: either Jesus Christ and other preachers from the past. The biggest difference between the past and the present, surely, is in the changing pattern of life from the twentieth century, and the incursion of the studies of Freud and his psychoanalysis. From this point, the individual consciousness is gaining ground on collective land, and social welfare gives us more time to think about our own internal problems. In my opinion, we are now more prepared than ever to face our internal problems without having to submit to ideologies or dogmatic statements, and we could find our small solutions and small remedies in the science of the psyche, and so psychiatrists and psychologists that, although they proliferate, they can help us to survive ourselves without affecting others, and without trying to change our beliefs or to persuade neighbor.
    For all this, I believe that interventions such as Osho in our recent history, which it actually multiply and multiply in every places, are attempts to find collective solutions that they had more successful in the past, but I understand, and I would like to believe, they will losing strength while our capacity to learn to live with our problems and shortcomings will be better in the next years. Of course, spending a few euros a month in to buy patches and bandages at professionals (I stress professional) of science of mental health.

    1. Thanks for your comment Alberto. I think that nowadays there is a lot of choice, as if we had "therapies à la carte", so any person is free to find his or her own ways and solutions, and this is wonderful. In my opinion, in the end, it is all different formats of the same content, which is universal and non-changing. The Dalai Lama says, for instance, that any religion is good, because it fits the culture it is immersed in. It is like Chomsky's Universal Grammar, with its different Linguistic manifestations. Every language uses the same resources to express itself, but in the end all language have universal features. I hope I could make my point.