How do pesticides become accumulated along the food chain?

When pesticides are sprayed into stagnent pools of water, either by accident or on purpose, small larvae eat the pesticide. Then it gradually travels up the food chain by predators eating their prey. This was the reason why DDT was banned, when it reached the bald eagles through the food chain, it affected their eggs by making them soft. Thus, the eggs were smashed when they were attempted to be incubbated by their parents.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_pesticides_become_accumulated_along_the_food_chain#ixzz1B9c0sxcg


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  1. I think this is completely truth, because when you use that kind of such aggresive pesticides you are not taking on account the risks. I mean, you are just thinking about getting rid of a plague, and not about side-effects that can give way to, for instance, killing another kinds of animals or polluting. In my case, I live in a small village, apparted from big cities, where there are vegetable gardens and laying hens, so usually the food I eat is very healthy. And this is the main reason there was for me to going to live here.

  2. Hi Sibisse! thanks for your comment. I wish I lived in a small village too, I miss nature sometimes. It is very relaxing, and of course we should respect it more. If we don't take care of our own house, how are we going to be respected? Nature complains, and we don't want to listen to her. It is time we start doing it, or it will be too late.