Woody Allen talks about Psychoanalysis

Check this interview of Dick to Woody, about Woody's own experience with psychoanalysis. Do you find it funny?
Woody is a master of irony and of black humour, which he mixes with ridiculous, pathetic, hilarious situations which usually go through breaking social prejudices. Personally, I really admire how smart he is, and how brilliantly he portrays pure reality and laughs at it, while at the same time he denounces the miseries of human beings in a realistic and funny way...
Of course, it is a matter of taste! Being aware that he has both admirers and distractors, I would like someone to give us an opinion on different matters:
Woody Allen, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapies, Western religions and believes, prejudices of our times and societies, etc etc etc.
Shall I start?: I believe that anything that helps you to maintain a healthy state of mind and to keep (as much as possible) a clean soul is good, and this "anything" can ben called religion, philosophy of life, psychotherapy, art, culture, and so on. Likewise, any system that goes against the dignity of people, either political, religious, cultural, traditional, is bad.


  1. Dear Ana,

    I agree with your comments. I think one of the main problems of our society is that most of the people are not tolerant and respectful about other people. And at the same time we are too concerned about what people may think about us. And if we just live our lives the way we like without hurting anyone and not worried about what they think about us, we will be truly happy! And with no need of psychotherapies.

    My grandad used to say that depressions and similar things were for rich people, as people with real problems do not have time for that. And in a way our society is a rich one, plenty of so many things but sometimes with a lack of what really matters.

    Sorry for the speech!

  2. Yoanel,
    do not appologize, it is a very accurate comment and I totally agree with you. In some ways, the existence of psychotherapies shows the need we have to cure the illnesses of our societies...modern capitalist societies problems of anguish, anxiety...due to the alienation of our minds and souls in order to feel we belong to something, to a something which is a capitalist and liberal system for which we are only a number, a product, a tool to get power...
    well, I am getting too grey! I am not so pesimistic in fact...as long as we live, we can always do something against all this, and this first something is to be awake! and aware...like the Budhists say...check "The miracle of mindfulness", for instance...

  3. Dear Ana,

    Have you ever heard about "Hikikomoris" in Japan. I was very shocked about this issue. They are normally young people who suddenly decide to live in their bedroom with no contact with the real world, they just communicate through internet. Their parents provide for them and they even have their meals in their own.

    I include a link about this:http://nhjournal37.blogspot.com/

    Apparently one of the main causes of this problem is the lack of social contact. Japanese are a little bit crazy, aren't they?

    And also you know all the suicides on the underground in Tokio. Now if someone from your family commit suicide, the family has to pay a fine! Around 4.000 € for all the trouble and delay it may cause...amazing! Freak!

  4. It is really amazing! I have also heard about that...I believe that one of the main problems of man is to find and equilibrium between his own individual space and his social life...man is a social animal, and at the same time, man needs to breath on his own sometimes, he needs some "espacio vital"...some societies go too far in the fight for personal space, and others, do not even know what this is, everything is common, from the group...interesting topic to deal with!
    Which is in your view the best equilibrium? Do you know any society that has achieved this balance? Is it a matter of character or of vision of life?

  5. Well, I am not sure! I originally come from Dominican Republic where they are the opposite to Japanese. People get together all the time. They love touching each other and when they talk to you they are really close. They use warn words all the time.
    I remember when I first came to live in Spain, I was 14 years old, and when I was at school almost everytime I talk to any boy, he used to turn red. And I didn't know why and then my girlfriends told me why. I used to tell them things like: "Sweetheart" "Honey" and things like that, but in Spanish obviously.
    When I lived in England, I remember that people did not have much personal contact, their boundaries are wider to Dominican or Spanish, but it is very strange how they become when they drink alcohol. It does not make much sense to me.

    I personally like sharing my time with family and friends, but I also like to have my own space. And because of the different jobs I have had, I am used to travel on my own or having a meal on my own, I am not afraid of being alone. And I try to make the most of every situation.

    I don't know why I am the only one writting here, but again sorry for the "rollo".



  6. Yoanella,
    I am happy to see you participate with your comments and your sharing experiences with us. It is really enriching, I like exchanging comments and information about different cultures, getting to know the differences and the common things among all humans...we can get the conclusion that, deep inside, we all need human contact and warmth, and that a middle point between our own space and the space we share with others is the good thing. The issue in life is find the way to reach this middle point, and I think this is one of the most difficult tasks in life, but at the same time, learning from other cultures, comparing, and then finding your own way is the best process of learning and getting to the point.
    Best wishes and thanks again

  7. Yoanela, It has been great reading your comments. I have learnt a lot about other cultures. It's incredible how differents we are!

    Ana, your conclusion is really good. I agree with it.

    Ana Eva Suárez

  8. Thank you Ana Eva! Tell us something about some culture you know that you think is shocking :), for example, when I was in Hong Kong, you could get a fine for not flushing the toilet!

  9. In Belgium, for instance, the underground entrance has no barriers or doors. You can enter freely just walking through. Previously you have had to pay for a ticket, of course. With the arrival a emigrants from all over the world, they have been forced to put controls because not every body pays for the ticket. I think this makes us reflect also on the fact that foreign influences also leads to questioning our habits and customs, forcing us to make a reflexion on our sanity (lets think of countries where feminine driving is forbidden).

    Beatriz Sánchez