Marriage and Love Affairs: Diversity of LOVE

How do we see LOVE nowadays?
Is LOVE the engine of our lives?
How do different cultures express (and feel) LOVE?
Is MARRIAGE, as Frank Sinatra sang, the main -and basically the only- social institution for the construction of LOVE? http://www.lyricsfreak.com/f/frank+sinatra/love+marriage_20056073.html
LOVE...the most discussed word and concept of all our times, as old as man, is not connected to MARRIAGE any more...or at least, not necessarily.
Even scholars do research on LOVE, which comes to be, eventually, something cultural...or not?:
We encourage readers to participate in this proposal: Post here your own main LOVE experience (or one from someone that has really shocked you or called your attention)
Let's not judge anyone nor anything, let's just share experiences, stories, and learn from each other!
(Opinions on this post welcome too)


  1. I enjoyed that small film you put on the blog. I love the actors in the film and also the conversation they had.

    Regarding the song from Frank Sinatra, that is obviously very old fashioned. A lot of people nowadays do not get marry because they feel it is not necessary and they feel happy just living together or being LATs (Living Apart Together). There are so many ways to understand relationships.

    Personally, since I was very young I loved the idea of getting married and looking like a princess in my big day. And that dream came true and I have an incredible wedding and now it's been 9 years since I got married. And I can say that we have been very happy together despite of the problems we have encountered during this time.
    The problem sometimes with love is that we have a very romantic and unrealistic idea of what a relationship really is about. When you first meet someone you like, he seems the perfect guy but with time you realize he is not perfect and there are certains things about him that you really hate! But still I think having love in your life is very rewarding and I believe in relationships even when they fail, I think it is worth trying again.



  2. Yoanella, thanks for your nice comment.
    In my view, love is diverse and this is what makes it so rich and interesting...love never gets old-fashioned, what changes is the way of seeing it confronting it. Freedom is totally interconnected, and as long as you are free to choose who to love and how to love and respect, it is ok. Congratulations for your long-time relationship and for your eagerness to bet for it and to make it work day by day!

  3. I know that this "discussion" is from three years ago but nevertheless I would like to participate. In my opinion I really do believe in Love. Maybe this "Love" can be understand in some different ways that set it apart from opinions in earlier times, but the main meaning is the same: something that makes you feel special and you have never felt it before. But also something that can be proved just with time. I met my special one four years ago, and yes, I met him on the internet. But I was not looking for love, and he wasn't doing it as well. But "Love" arose, and now we are married and have a wonderful baby.

  4. Congratulations Sibisse! yours is indeed a love story with a very happy ending...as we say in Spanish, ¡no se pueden poner puertas al campo! (I'll try to look for an equivalent saying in English)